Reviews – WHERE ARE WE? The Book


        "This looks like anything you'd see in a's extremely well done." and "It is the book I wish I had time to put together."         - Rob Skiba


          "Chad Taylor did a fantastic job of laying out what we know (and don't) in an easy to follow presentation, accompanied with straight forward graphics...this book needs to be part of your collection."        - Mark Sargent


          "A very helpful book. It’s well thought out and meticulously presented."     - Alison,  (Amazon Customer)


          "Excellent read."       - Kindle Customer


          "Absolutely wonderful and informative book to read, specially if you believe what is written in the Bible."      - Ken,  (Amazon Customer)


          "Its perfect! This book is Just what I wanted as an illustrated aid to have when I talk to family and friends...Then my grands can view the illustrations to understand the truth of how the Bible describes our earth. I'm so glad Chad Taylor published this book. Great coffee table book."       - Donna, (Amazon Customer)


          "Great book. Very thorough and easy to read"       - Wis1,  (Amazon Customer)


          "Highly recommended as a gift to fellow Christians who desire the Truth. I was initially hesitant about paying the $30 but, seriously what are we dealing with here? Only the most important knowledge we could possibly obtain! To say it is well worth it is an understatement."       - Sailor Tom,  (Amazon Customer)


          "...great read"       - Dean Williams,  (Amazon Customer)


          "I’ve been waiting for a book like this to guide me simply and biblically through a new concept that is how God really created the earth and everything that Was and Is and Is to come. Thank you Chad "        - Mrs M,  (Amazon Customer)


          "Very well done :) it is important to get the truth creation it makes the bible clear"         - Cameron,  (Amazon Customer)