Frequently Asked Questions – WHERE ARE WE? The Book

Frequently Asked Questions

          Below are answers to some common questions you may have.  Before emailing us, please review this list and see if it answers your question.


1. Q:  Can I get more info about the paperback version of this book?

    A:  The paperback version is 8.5" X 11" and is 320 pages total.  The interior is black and white.  Both paperback and eBook versions contain over 100 Biblical examples with illustrations.  The best guess we have is over 150 images total, however it is hard to get an exact count of the images. 


2. Q: I don't have a tablet, can I still get the eBook version?

    A:  Yes!  You are able to view the eBook on the majority of desktop, laptop and smartphones on the market today.  All you need to do is have the appropriate free app to view the eBook on.   SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to the large amount of images, this eBook is in a FIXED LAYOUT. This means you will need to ZOOM IN and OUT to be able to read the words.  THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE, it had to be this way because everything had to remain in it's place on the pages.  On a kindle, you do this by double tapping the screen and pinching in and out like you would on any smart phone or most tablets to zoom in and out.  This layout is different than most eBooks people are familiar with, but this book is very special and could not be laid out any other way. 

If you have more questions about this topic, please watch this video.


3.  Q:  What are the two options for purchasing this book?  (Bulk options may be ending soon).

     A: When you are on the Purchase page, there are two options for purchasing this book.  After scrolling down a little bit you will see a single image of the book with a red PURCHASE icon.  This is where the majority of people purchase their paperback or eBook copies. 

         After clicking on the PURCHASE icon, you will be re-directed to a different page to begin the checkout process for BOTH paperback and/or eBook copies. 

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          The other option available for U.S. and Canada residents is to purchase bulk quantities of the 8.5" X 11" paperback at a discount of up to 35%.  When you click the BUY IN BULK icon, you will have two options; 1. Buy in multiples of 10 copies at 20% off the retail price and/or 2. Buy in multiples of 100 copies at 35% off the retail price.


4. Q:  How long do bulk purchases take to arrive?

    A:   Please review the entire item description under the 10 and 100 count quantities for all of this information.  Click on the red BUY IN BULK button on the Purchase page, then click on either of the items to review all of the details regarding bulk purchases.


5.  Q:  Why should I add my email address to your mailing list?

     A:  If you want to remain updated to any new content, Chad Taylor's speaking schedule or any new products that may come out, simply add your email address to our mailing list.


6.  Q:  I would like to share this book with people, what is the best way to do that?

     A:  Please review pages 277-283 of the book.  This section covers this exact question in great detail.  There will also likely be videos that Chad puts out on this subject as well.


7.  Q:  I would like to make a donation to help you with your current and future work, how can I do that?

     A:  Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the home page.  Thank you in advance for any donations, they are very helpful and I greatly appreciate any offered!


8.  Q: I am very serious about learning this subject and sharing it with people, what do you suggest?

     A: (Chad) "I am not going to tell you what you should do, but I know where I would start.  If I was serious about learning and sharing this book/subject with others, I would start by getting the eBook and two paperback copies.  You don't have to do this, I am just telling you what I would do.  I would get the eBook first of all, so I can check out the book immediately after purchase.  Another big benefit of the eBook is the ability to see even more detail of the 100+ images, especially on a large computer screen.  Lastly, an eBook can go with me anywhere on my smart phone, tablet, etc.

         Regarding the two paperback copies, I would keep one for myself.  The eBook is great for it's purpose, but there is nothing like having the actual book in your hands.  I would mark it up and have notes all over in it.  The second paperback copy would be for using as a loaner.  I would loan it to friends or family members that are interested in the subject.  I would get it back from each person within a week or two and then loan it to someone else.  If one of the people I loaned it to wanted to keep it, they could buy it from me for what I paid.  Then, I would simply order another paperback copy to use as a loaner and start the loaning process over again.  I would start with one loaner, but after I got the hang of things I would most likely get more paperback copies to loan out.

          After saying all of this, there is one last thing I need to say; please be responsible.  Don't spend money you shouldn't.  I only mentioned all of this to give you an idea of what I  would do starting out. I am not telling anyone else to do this, it is up to you to decide if this sounds like what you have in mind."