From the back cover: – WHERE ARE WE? The Book

From the back cover:


    WHERE ARE WE?  Where is heaven and where is God?


    Are there moments in your life where you look to the sky and wonder, where are we?    Do you see images of earth in space and question how you fit into it all?  Is God really out there?  Does he even know I exist?

    If a child were to ask you where heaven is, what would you say?  Would you smile, point to the sky and say, up there? Most children are satisfied with that answer, but I have a question for you actually believe that?

    Do you really believe heaven is up there?  Or do you have your doubts?  What about someone south of the equator?  Is heaven up there for them too?  How would that work?  Is heaven just out there somewhere?

     How is it possible that the sun and moon perfectly overlap on an eclipse?  How is the sun about 400 times the size of the moon, yet happens to be about 400 times further away?  Does that strike you as an amazing coincidence?  What if it is not a coincidence at all?  What if there is more to it than we can possibly imagine?
    Together, you and I are going to go on a very special journey.  A journey that will take us through the pages of the most famous book ever assembled.  Will a single book, comprised of 66 smaller books, written over a 1500 year period, by 40 different authors, all inspired by God, paint a consistent picture of God's creation?
    This book contains over 100 illustrated examples from the Bible.  Will they paint a clear and consistent picture about the location of earth, heaven and God?   Will we find the answers to some of mankind’s biggest mysteries were right in front of us the whole time?   Imagine, what if you could hold those answers in your hand or see them on a screen?
    Let’s find out, it’s time to begin our journey...